Our secure production and pickup facility is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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Common Cannabis Questions

Others Have Asked.  So You Might Be Wondering Too.

Can I buy "MMJ" products from Stability?

Maybe.  If you are a licensed Oklahoma dispensary or processor, then let's connect!  If you are an Oklahoma medical marijuana patient, then you can purchase Stability Growth Cannabis from your favorite retail dispensary, but unfortunately you cannot purchase directly from us.

What specific strains do you grow?

Our passion is top quality cannabis cultivation.  We maintain approximately 40 strains in production at a time and we harvest a crop every 10 days so there is always a steady variety.  Generally half our crops are "old favorites" to ensure consistency of availability, while others are rotating strains for seasonal variety.  Also check out our 2019 Cannabis Cup top three placing "Forbidden Fruit" strain!

Do you grow exclusive strains, or can we special request strains?

Yes!  You will find strains at Stability that were produced by us, and not available anywhere else.  And we work with dispensary and processing customers to cultivate "on demand".  Let's connect and explore what your dispensary needs and how our massive facility can help!

How large is the production facility?

The biggest you can find in Oklahoma, and one of the largest in North America!  Here are some fun facts:
Square Footage: 85,000
CO2 Tanks: 18 tons
Lights: 220 per flower room
Packaging Line: 60 feet
Employees: 40+

Can I tour the facility?

Our secure facility is centrally located in Oklahoma City.  We do offer guided tours for members of the media and potential customers on a scheduled only basis.  Please contact David@StabilityGrows.com.

Can I come to work for Stability?

We are always on the hunt for professional, hard working individuals. We take care of our employees, and you'll love it here.  If you have experience in the cannabis industry, or if you are ready to prove yourself, let's get in touch.  Drew@StabilityGrows.com coordinates hiring.