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Stability Growth

Cultivation, Processing & Packaging

Hand Trimming At Stability

Flower Cultivation

Our massive 85,000 square foot cultivation, processing and packaging facility ensures you have access to more than 40 strains of sativa, indica and hybrid blends.  The unmatched variety and consistency available to you through Stability will keep customers returning to your dispensary.  Every bud is hand finished at Stability!

Extract Processing

Through our in house processing as well as strategic partnership, we offer a full line of products including our famous "no shake" prerolls, full spectrum cartridges, and concentrates. Each batch undergoes rigorous quality control and is tested and labeled for safety and potency.


We are Oklahoma's only grower with nitrogen sealed packaging! Custom packaging is available for our dedicated dispensary buyers featuring your brand and designs.  With our pre-packing options, you can pick up products in the morning and have them on your shelves ready to sell the same day!  You have piece of mind that all your products are packaged according to the latest OMMA required standards.


Oklahoma Roots.  Oklahoma Grown.  Oklahoma Proud.

We founded Stability to ensure that Oklahoma is recognized as the safest and highest quality medical marijuana program in North America.  Born and raised in Oklahoma, our leadership team returns to Oklahoma with 15 years of cultivation experience in Colorado and Humboldt County California.  Our unmatched expertise is putting Oklahoma cultivation on the map. 

We are professionals who believe our products help patients.  For licensed Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Processors, Stability Growth is your key strategic partner.  Stability harvests perpetually, with a new crop every ten days!  That means you gain access to a steady supply uniquely available at Stability Growth!


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